Water – The Most Important Element of All

It is a fact that 95% of all people in the U.S. are dehydrated. As
you age, you literally begin to dry out. A person could eliminate 50%
of all diseases by just being hydrated and drinking enough water
throughout the day. It’s a little known fact that water and minerals
work together as a team. Add essential fats and you have a fantastic combination for your body’s hydration.

When you stop to think about it, water constitutes 65% to 70% of the human body. A person can abstain from food for months, but can only last a couple of days without water (and only 6 minutes without oxygen).

The following list explains the many detrimental things that can happen to your body if you don’t ingest enough water:

1) Constipation can occur. Water can relieve this condition.

When the body receives too little water, it will rob what it needs
from other sources (primarily the glands). The colon is one primary
source, hence constipation.

2) Water maintains proper muscle tone by giving muscles their
ability to contract by preventing dehydration.

3) Water, along with the essential fats and minerals, prevents
sagging skin and returns health and resiliency. (Potassium is
paramount for sagging skin).

4) Water rids the body of waste, which accumulates from
improper care and nutrition.

5) Water is an instant energy pick-me-up, but don’t drink
water just to drink it, only drink it when you need it, as in the body
telling you when you’re thirsty or after you have exercised and you
need hydration. Another example is that you should eat when you are
hungry. Listen to your body; what could be more natural?

6) Water naturally suppresses the appetite and helps the body
metabolize stored fat. Decreases in water consumption will actually
increase fat deposits and an increase in water will decrease fat

7) The kidneys cannot properly function without water, and,
when they don’t function, their load is dumped back into the liver.
This causes fatigue and liver toxicity. Be sure that you don’t have
any kidney problems, as excess water can be harmful. Be sure to see a
nutritional doctor concerning this, because, if you consult a medical
doctor, there is a higher chance that you will be prescribed a
diuretic or drug that will only make the problem worse. Water is the
finest cure for fluid retention. When the body receives less water, it
perceives this as a threat and will retain every drop that it can.
Diuretics flush essential minerals right out of the body and the
body’s release mechanism of water will shut down. I always laugh to
myself when medical doctors tell people who are dehydrated that they
simply need to drink more water, but the doctor doesn’t tell them that
their body won’t hold water without minerals, because he was never
educated on this. (During their education, medical doctors are taught
not more than 40 hours about nutrition and in most cases, a lot less!)

8) Reduce unnatural salt in concentrated forms. Salt is
natural to food when it’s of the plant or animal source. I’m speaking
of reducing, for example, Morton’s Salt, commercial salt which is
crystallized, stripped of its’ minerals and bleached. Salt is not
white and pretty, salt is an ecru or brown color. The more unnatural
salt that you consume, the more the body will retain fluids to dilute
it. Since our soil is mineral depleted, use Celtic Sea Salt daily or a
colloidal mineral that is mined. These both contain every known trace
and rare earth mineral in the world, about 92 minerals total.

9) The overweight person, with no kidney dysfunction, needs
more water because of the larger metabolic load. Water is the key to
ridding the body of fat through increased metabolic function. But,
always be cautious on over hydrating your body because kidney damage
is possible.

10) Pure water will eliminate many impurities and toxins from
the body through the urine and the stool. A normal amount of water
will decrease colon cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer by 70%!

11) Water should be consumed cool, rather than warm, for quick

12) Only consume water between meals and on an empty stomach.
Never drink excess water with meals as this impairs digestion. It’s
all right to drink 4 ounces of a liquid with a meal but never ½ hour
before or ½ hour after you eat. It would dilute your hydrochloric
acid, you won’t digest your food properly, your food floats around in
your stomach resulting in a lot of digestive problems and you could be
labeled with acid reflux disease, which is a bogus diagnosis.
Remember, don’t invoke “if some is good, then more must be better”.
Excess water consumption will flush water-soluble vitamins B and C
right out of the body and this could directly lead to problems and

13) The biggest myth in bodybuilding is that you must
drastically reduce your water intake to define. This may sound great
and be seemingly logical but nothing could be farther from the truth.
When you reduce your water intake, the body will not release a drop
and this will actually cause ones’ physique to smooth out. Fifty-five
years ago, the great Vince Gironda taught that, on a contest day, you
should use an enema to clean your colon out and shrink your stomach.
During the contest day, drink normal amounts of water and use free
form singular amino acids all day long to keep energy levels up. Don’t
do anything during the day except rest, drink water and take aminos.
One other thing that Vince taught was never to pump up before a
contest. This sounds crazy, but, if you do pump before the contest, as
so many do, you will lose your pump. Then, when you get on stage, you
can’t pump your muscles twice and you will smooth out. Remember,
posing and tensing will actually pump you up. I have seen people lose
contests because of curtailing water and pumping up with weights prior
to a contest. If you have any questions on this, please call me.

14) Last but not least, I also was taken in by the 8 to 10
glasses of water per day advocated by many authorities. Common belief
was that herb tea, juices, milk, sport drinks, etc. were not water,
but food, so in fact, you must drink just plain water. I now realize
that this is just a myth! Every piece of food that you eat contains
water and is utilized by the body as water – period! But the food that
you eat must be natural food, not processed and refined food, which is
the typical American diet of white flour, white rice, white sugar, and
white processed salt, which are in cookies, pies, cakes, pop, candy
and all of our fast food, which is dead food, not electrical food. All
natural foods are electrical and all of the processed and refined
foods are dead foods because the minerals have been removed during

To further explain, when we look at history we see that most
knowledgeable people concerning nutrition were the Orientals. 5000
years ago they knew that the earth was encircled by meridian lines
(electricity). They also knew that all natural food was electrical and
they taught that one must have minerals and essential fats to absorb
water from food. They didn’t walk around drinking a water bottle all
day! Natural teas were, and still are, a large part of their daily
regimen, which they drink throughout the day. They just didn’t drink
plain water. Of course, the water that they made their tea with was
pure, not like our polluted water today! Their teas contained
minerals, which, I must say, are referred to as ELECTROLYTES.
Remember, your heart, brain and body function and beat by electricity!

Many books have been written about water and I recall one talk show on
television featuring a writer talking about drinking 8 to 10 glasses
per day but saying that he had no idea of how it got started or its’
origin. I’d like to know where the research is!

A good idea is to always carry some water with you in your car and add
to it 5% to 10% of any good natural juice or herb tea to get your
minerals and to be electrical. Remember, all purified water today, if
it’s purified by ozoneation, reverse osmosis, etc., is devoid of most

Stay away from soda pop, an almost lethal poison. Listed below are
several reasons why:

To clean a toilet, pour a can of cola into the toilet bowl and let it
sit for one hour, then flush clean.
The carbonic and phosphoric acid in cola removes stains from vitreous china.
To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers, rub the bumper with a
rumpled-up piece of aluminum foil dipped in cola.
To clean corrosion from car battery terminals, pour a can of cola over
the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.
To loosen a rusted bolt, apply a cloth soaked in cola to the rusted
bolt for several minutes.
To remove grease from clothes, empty a can of cola into a load of
greasy clothes, add detergent and run through the regular cycle. The
cola will help loosen the grease stains. It will also clean road haze
from your windshield.
The active ingredient in cola is phosphoric acid. Its’ pH is 2.8. It
will dissolve a nail in about 4 days. Phosphoric acid also leaches
calcium from bones and is a major contributor to the rising increase
in osteoporosis and arthritis.
To carry cola syrup (the concentrate), commercial trucks must use
hazardous material place cards reserved for highly corrosive
The distributors of cola products have been using it to clean the
engines of their trucks for about 20 years!
In many states in the US, the highway patrol carries two gallons of
cola in their vehicle to remove blood from the highway after a car
You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of cola and it will be gone in two days.

Dr. Kurt Donsbach, who is one of my teachers on my trek through
nutrition, is a great chiropractor, homeopathic and holistic doctor in
California and he shared with me, many years ago, that half of the
heart attacks and cancers in America are caused by our drinking water.

Drinking water contains toxic levels of chlorine and fluoride.
Chlorine attacks organic matter. What are you made of? Organic matter.
Our drinking water is so polluted it’s scary. Dioxins, E.coli, PCBs,
DDT, human waste, trihelamethanes, just to name a few, are in our
drinking water. Then add to that the conglomeration of our industrial

It’s a fact that all of our oceans are polluted today. When PCBs and
Dioxins are found in the fat cells of walruses in Antarctica and the
South Pole, we must realize that the whole world is now polluted. Our
lakes are polluted and are loaded with Methyl Mercury, which is a very
toxic poison, so it’s not very funny that they put it in your teeth
fillings. The American Dental Association continues to tell us that
this is not true, but metal poisoning, we now know, causes diseases.

The main reason that chlorine is added to our drinking water is to
kill bacteria and it ends up killing us! In Europe, they never use
chlorine, they use oxygen purification and deionization or they use
ozone purification. Some years back, a myth was created that adding
fluoride to the water would prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a toxic
chemical that is painted on children’s teeth, and, among other things,
is responsible for causing cancer. The man who heavily promoted
fluoride when it became law, Dr.Faulkes, passed away a few years ago.
On his deathbed, he expressed great regret and said that he was sorry
he ever told people to use fluoride. Both he and Dr. Hardy Limeback
from Canada had been significant promoters of fluoride and have both
issued apologies concerning their support of fluoride. They stated
that they did not accurately check the opposing scientific date before
speaking out of behalf of fluoride. They were just not properly
informed. So why do we use it? When aluminum is produced, the
by-product is tremendous amounts of synthetic fluoride. Since chemical
and aluminum companies were spending thousands of dollars to dispose
of it, why not market it to municipalities to put in the water. So,
they ended up selling a poison, and at a profit. I was born with a low
thyroid function and I spent a lot of time swimming at the local high
school with a pool that was loaded with chlorine. This lowered my
thyroid function even more. If it weren’t for nutritional doctors,
supplementation, glandular therapy and purging heavy metals from my
body, I probably would have had to have my thyroid removed. Never take
synthetic hormones for your thyroid. When you do this, it displaces
the natural nutrients that nourish the thyroid, for example: tyrosine,
Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, protein, and manganese. Synthetic
hormones actually destroy the thyroid. Chlorine and fluoride are
called halogens and act as synthetic hormones. Iodine is the number
one nutrient for your thyroid. What halogens do is displace iodine in
your thyroid and push it out and then mimic it in your thyroid.
Therefore, you end up with chlorine and fluoride deposits in your
thyroid and you can become very unhealthy. I am affiliated with a
clinic here in Michigan and the Naturopathic doctor there says that
people routinely come to him with poor thyroid function. My friend,
Dr. David Jantz, using CRA, will diagnose their health issue as poor
thyroid and they’ll say, “No, I went to a medical doctor and he did a
blood test and my hormone levels are normal.” That’s due to the fact
that chlorine and fluoride have displaced the hormones and they’re
floating around in your blood stream so the medical doctor and the
chemist will read that your levels are appropriate when, in fact, the
hormones are not in the thyroid to do the job that they were meant to
do. Look around at the obesity and the hair loss and the problems
we’re having today with low thyroid function.

The question becomes, what should we drink? Never drink distilled
water. Distilled water is cooked water, it’s depolarized and all the
minerals are removed. So when you drink distilled water, it acts as a
vacuum and, while it will pull out toxins, it will pull out everything
good too. So drink good reverse osmosis water or deionized water or
good spring water that’s tested as pollutant free. You should add
either colloidal minerals or Celtic sea salt to your regimen everyday.
As I mentioned before, our soil is depleted of half the minerals.
There are 92 minerals in the world, micro, macro, trace, and rare
earth, and they are gone due to factory farming, so you have to put
minerals back into your own body. Mineral depletion in the United
States is paramount. Everyone suffers from a lack of minerals. The
people that don’t are the people that supplement. Remember that in
1936 the government told us that we were missing over 22 minerals in
our soil; today it’s over 45. You must take a complete mineral like
colloidals or Celtic Sea Salt. People ask me how much water to drink
daily. Ah, that is the question of the day, which you and only you
might answer. A decent rule of thumb is that you should drink when you
are thirsty, how’s that? The same goes for food, eat when you are
hungry. Your body is extremely smart isn’t it? When you do drink,
just sip small amounts throughout the day, between meals, of course.
Don’t drink large amounts at one time or you will just urinate it out,
like big beer drinkers do. Over hydrating is extremely taxing on your
body. If you participate in sports, your perspiration and mineral loss
will dictate the amount, but sip it slowly. A decent, accurate test
for dehydration is when you take the thumb and index finger of one
hand and you pinch a portion of the skin on the top of your other
hand, pull up and then let go. If the skin snaps back to a flat
position, you are well hydrated. If your skin is very slow to return
to a flat position, you are dehydrated. Always remember how important
your thyroid is and have a holistic doctor check it! If you wake in
the middle of the night, drink a small amount (8oz) of good, healthy
water. Remember to consume water throughout the day. If you have any
questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

When you are in the hospital for dehydration, you are given minerals
and water for hydration, but you aren’t told that.

Some medical doctors will tell you that, if you are dehydrated, you
should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, but they don’t tell you
to take macro and micro minerals. We now know that if you don’t have
the 92 minerals found in the world, you won’t have hydration of the
tissue. Minerals are what allow your body to become and maintain
hydration. Minerals prevent dehydration. Here are some dehydrators to
avoid: commercial tea, coffee, beer, wine, distilled spirits, soda
pop, white sugar, white rice, white flour, hydrogenated oils,
antibiotics, most prescription drugs and chlorinated water, etc.


Ron Kosloff

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