Vince Gironda Wide Grip Neck Presses

Another Gironda favorite was wide-grip neck presses.

Essentially, a bench press but with a wider-than-shoulder width grip on the bar, but instead of the bar being lowered to the lower or middle of the pec area, it is lowered to the base of the neck.

Many people don’t do this exercise because it’s much more difficult to handle heavier weights compared to a standard bench press, but the movement involves much more pec than shoulder and is extremely effective.

  1. I can comment on the fact that after doing these “wide grip” bench sets, you can clearly feel the difference in your chest. I do these regularly and love them compared to the standard “closer grip” bench-press.

  2. i alternate these with the bench press twice a week. In my opinon this is one of the best, if not the best, chest exercises.

  3. After years of Bench Pressing and a poor chest to show for it, I stumbled upon Vince’s writings and started to use the Neck Press and the Chest dip. The results were amazing because I have a chest now. 😆

  4. Hi, I have a question for this exercise when doing this what do you guys do with the shoulders are the tucked in or flared out thanks?

  5. My physique must be contrarian or something. I have done regular bench pressing for quite a while, and when I flex the pecs, most of the mass seems to be in the upper portion. I have no lower pec line! How do I remedy this?

    1. Decline cable flyes or cable pulley hugs – Even for those who can do ‘dips’ , the cable hug helps because it helps in better mind muscle connection. Just pull the cable from the side to infront of the crotch. 3-4 sets of 8-15

    2. As told by Vince,

      Decline pulley hugs (pectorals), 12 reps
      This exercise is also known as decline cable flyes, and all beginners should do it. It’s the only way for a weak person, male or female, to hit the lower-pec line and quickly improve overall chest appearance. Lie on a decline bench and grab a low-pulley handle in each hand. Start with your arms outstretched in a flye position. Bring your hands forward in an arc until your knuckles touch a few inches above your groin; do not let your thumbs touch. Throughout the movement keep your arms slightly bent and your elbows back. Return to the starting position and repeat. (Note: The exercise resembles a hugging motion.

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