Vince Gironda V-Bar Dips

Vince Gironda V-Bar Dips

This type of movement mainly works the chest, in a slightly different variation of other movements for the pectorals.

The main difference here is the type of grip used. In this case your palms are facing outward instead of inward and thumbs are pointing backwards. In this exercise, the distance between the thumbs should be approximately 82 cm. This is the kind of grip more comfortable to use and is also puts less tension on the biceps.

With your arms straight and elbows fixed, put your chin against your chest and place your feet in vertical slightly ahead of your abdominals. Your posture should resemble an Arab sword. Relax your abdominals and take a deep breath.

Start your body down slowly, moving your elbows while they remain aligned with the shoulder joints.

Dip down until the exterior of your pectorals is 7.5 cm from uour hands. If you do not have the strength or flexibility to make the movement on the V bar as described above, then perform them with a reduced range of motion within your capabilities.

From the initial top position, you can start down only about 2.5 cm and then go back up to the starting position. Your goal will be to try to get down a little bit more each workout until you can perform the full exercise.

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