Vince Gironda Triceps Shock

Vince Gironda Weighted Pullup

This compound exercise is best performed with the Dymetric Bar. Compound movements differ from supersets, in that super-sets work two opposing muscles (biceps and triceps for example).

Compounding is 2 or 3 exercises on the same muscle and enables the bodybuilder to build three different aspects of the muscle: low, middle and high heads. The one I will describe is a supine curl from the neck with the elbows up toward the ceiling, with an 8″ wide over hand grip on the bar. From this position, curl-press the weight up over the neck and lock out arms at the extended position.

The second movement immediately following with no break is the triceps pull-over extension, with the bar at arms’ length over chest – neck; lower the bar slowly down and over the head to a close-to-head position with the bar just below the head. (The head should extend beyond the end of bench to about the ears). Next, curl the bar up and forward so bar does not change from the first hand position of 8″.

The third movement without changing hand width is arms extended over chest. Start lowering the bar and bend elbows to the sides and continue lowering the bar until it touches the neck and then up again.

This exercise should be performed 6 reps for each movement with a total of 18 reps to the total set. Three total sets of the compound is enough work for the triceps, because the combination produces far more work done than 9 sets done in series!

By the way, the best shock workout I know for biceps is to stand in front of the dumbell rack and alternate curl 4 reps every dumbell it the rack, starting at 23-25 pounds and working up to the biggest dumbell you can use. Then work back down again to the lightest weight you can use and still feel the pump. This routine will pull your arm out of a slump in a week or two at the most!

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

  1. This article doesn’t quite make it clear that this whole routine needs to be done lying on a bench from the very beginning.

    Also, there is video footage of Vince Gironda demonstrating the triceps shock routine (it’s on the Robert Torres DVD), but it shows him using a straight barbell. Also, he does the pressing movement as the second part rather than the third part, with the pull-over coming last.

    When you first start the routine, it feels rather easy, but by the end you’re kind of worn out!

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