Vince Gironda Training Routine Questions

Vince was into strength like he was into perfect form, intense sets, no rest, and all around insane training. He was strong like those kids who do gymnastics are strong.

You look at them scratching your head, saying to yourself “nothing about what this guy is doing looks right” (the position, the weight, the easy performance…).

Vince liked to see people push themselves unreasonably. This meant sometimes doing a weight that seems impossible considering the task at hand. He also liked to prove himself with weight. My most vivid memory of this is with Nick and a Vince’s member whose name escapes me (David – maybe).

Anyway, I was 14 or 15 (not driving yet) and playing football. The coach wanted us to do bench presses. I told Nick I needed to start doing bench press, so my “Bench” would get stronger.

After laughing at me and saying my coach was an idiot, he had me train with “David” who he said NEVER does traditional bench presses. First we did incline dumbell press (he used a lot of weight but I can’t remember how much), then we did Bench Press-traditional style. I was doing my best, but David, who was by no means huge like the Gold’s guys rather he was defined and just well built, proceeded to do 5 x 5 at 315lbs. No bounce, no momentum – perfect.

Later in my life when I was 19 and preparing for the Teen USA I tried to do the 5 x 5 at 315 (as it had become a goal) – it kicked my ass, but I did it.

As I remember most all the members were strong – especially for their size. And we were encouraged to show our strength in every exercise.

You may have to start with light weight, but with patience and consistent training, the weight and quality of training improve dramatically.

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