Vince Gironda Train 21 – Rest 7

I have a fairly good grasp – I think – on Vince Gironda’s ideas from years of reading Ironman, MuscleMag and Unleashing the Wild Physique. But Vince’s ideas seem to change according to where I find the advice. Having just turned 42 and with a 27-year history of training Heavy Duty I have a better appreciation of Gironda’s ideas than ever!

I have formulated two full-body routines alternated twice weekly – all my time allows with work and a family. What I am intrigued about is his idea of training 21 days and resting seven? That makes perfect sense to me. Have you tried it or have you known Vince to strongly recommend it? Thanks.


Remember, Vince had an IQ level of a genius. But, that doesn’t mean he was a great writer or businessman. He was like all of us, complete with both positive and negative attributes. He thought everyone knew what he meant, but obviously this is not the case – sometimes his writing left things out, and that is why I am doing this column. I felt I understood Vince better than anyone, because I made a point and effort to do so.

Note: Vince’s training was for the bodybuilder, and that’s what I’ll describe here. Vince did not like weightlifters at all. He called them jerkers, tuggers, swingers, pullers, and cheaters of weights. They never really lifted the weight, which Vince believed violated his principles of muscle isolation. As I have always stated, you must decide whether you want to be a weightlifter or bodybuilder.

Like you, right now I don’t have too much time to spend working out. I think you’ll get my point after reading it. But for now, try this routine if you can:

Monday & Thursday:

Biceps, triceps, delts, chest, and back.
6×6 with 10 seconds between sets. It should take you about 30 to 35 minutes to complete the entire workout.

Tuesday & Friday:

Forearms, calves, thighs, hamstrings, and inner thighs.
Sets, reps, intensity, and duration is the same as above.

Twenty one and seven (train for 21 days and rest for one week) showed just how brilliant Vince was.

As you get older, you must rest more because you are in the catabolic stage of life. You are basically wearing out, so you must pace yourself. Rest is paramount – just ask any dog or cat. The fallacies of exercise are practiced by many, but Vince knew the truth. Everyone over 30 who I have ever trained, has thanked me for this.

  1. Rest IS Paramount. And since I believe most muscle healing is done while sleeping, right at bed time is when I eat my aminos (10 free-form aminos, and 10 bcaas from NSP Nutrition).

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