Vince Gironda Tells You How – A Muscle Building Diet

Bill Pettis Vince's Gym

The following diet as recommended by Vince Gironda and used on some of his people in his gym, is not to be used as a permanent type diet, but only for a short period of time for special purposes of stimulating added muscle growth.

When I am approached in my gym by anyone who asks about gaining weight, I usually ask this question: “Do you want increased bodyweight, or is it size that you are after?” Invariably the answer is “Size”!

So let’s not confuse bodyweight with muscle growth. (How much do you think an extra inch on your arm will affect the scale?)

This diet is designed to step up muscle tissue growth – not out on bodyweight. Remember, muscle size is desirable – not bodyweight – which will only smooth out your definition and increase the size of your hips and waist and cause a loss of symmetry.

Breakfast –

12 oz. Half and Half
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon Milk & Egg Protein
1 oz. Amino Acids (mixed in a blender)
Supplements to be used with this drink:
3-4 Hydrochloric Acid tablets
3-4 Enzyme tablets
1 R.N.A. tablet
1 Organic Iron tablet
3 Tri-Germ Oil Capsules

Lunch –

Hamburger patty and Cottage Cheese
Same as Breakfast except for Iron and R.N.A.

3 o’clock snack –

Natural (Not processed cheese)
1 oz. Amino Acids

Dinner –

Steak or Hamburger (up to 1 lb.)
Cottage Cheese
Supplements: Same as other two meals except iron.

Before retiring –

Protein drink

Between Meals –

(Every three hours) 6 Liver Tablets

  1. I competed in almost 70 contests following that diet. I failed to place in 3or4 of them. Gironda was a FU$&@$& genius!

  2. This is a very good nutritional program. Since I am a taller hardgainer, I tend to cheat when I do my gaining routines and eat dirty and go overboard with the carbohydrates just for the sake of putting on bodyweight and getting stronger faster.

    But Vince was absolutely right; adding sheer bodyweight puts too much on the waistline and smooths out your definition. So the next time I work on gaining, I will go with something like this meal plan, or one of the others recommended in “The Wild Physique.”

  3. Vince was not full of shit, i did this diet and its a mass diet. You didnt do cardio or something. Im not being a dick, but maybe this wasnt for you? This man was the pioneer of bodybuilding bro.

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