Vince Gironda, Running & Bodybuilding

As far as I’m concerned, running and bodybuilding are not compatible. From a bodybuilding standpoint, distance runners are overtrained as a result of the thousands upon thousands of reps (i.e. footsteps) of each workout.

Overtraining destroys male hormones, and without male hormones it’s impossible to build muscle tissue. So why bodybuild and run? It’s counterproductive.

All of my nutritional programs are designed to increase male hormone. That’s why I recommend eating so many eggs every day, and that’s why I recommend eating first-class protein every two or three hours.

This puts you into positive nitrogen balance and stimulates male hormone production. And with a good diet and correct training, you gain muscle mass.

Running only destroys everything you do in the gym and at the dinner table to build up your muscles.

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