Vince Gironda – Profile Of A Real Champion

At the age of 44, Vince Gironda is one of the world’s best developed athletes. He still retains the amazing muscular development which has inspired thousands to improve their physical appearance and athletic ability for the past twenty years.

Recent research has shown that the average American male is already on the decline physically and is headed for middle age at the age of 26. Vince Gironda is living proof that man need not deteriorate physically simply because of reaching a certain age. Vince is not only physically fit, but he is in CHAMPIONSHIP shape!

Now it is not practical or even possible for every American male adult to reach the stage of physical development and fitness of Gironda, but on the other hand, there is no reason why Mr. Average Man cannot remain physically fit and prevent the formation of excess fat which may well shorten life.

Vince’s waistline still measures the same trim 28 inches that it measured twenty-seven years ago in high school, even though he has gained 30 pounds of muscular bodyweight through weight training.

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