Vince Gironda On The Back Squat

What do you think of pro, expert in bodybuilding knowledge, Stuart McRobert’s views about the back squat? (Iron Man, Oct~Nov. 1985). He states “The squat IS King of bodybuilding exercises, squatting with the barbell resting on the back of the shoulders. All other squats are parodies of the basic back squat for building lots of size and strength.”

Maybe, Vince, he is referring to your sissy squats, hack squats, roman chair squats, front (delinger) squats, etc., etc., Huh? Maybe, Vince, he feels that your are afraid of doing hard, heavy back squats and therefore you condemn it. Huh?

My regular leg routine consisted of 10 sets of 10 reps with 300 pounds (on toes) in 10 minutes. I have also performed 700 pound hack squats! I have also done sissy squats with 275 pounds! I recently destroyed a guy on the roman chair who claimed to squat with 700 pounds! He couldn’t walk for three days. By the way, who did Stuart McRobert ever train? Chuck, your problem is listening to these self-styled experts! There are hundreds of them out there!

(Musclemag Magazine March 1986 Vol. 11 No. 2)

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  1. I can confirm Mcroberts training plans work.
    My Squat and deadlift saw a 30kg increase, my bench didnt go up very much but my weight went from 220 to 240 (lean) in about a year. Brawn was the most important bodybuilding book i ever read and i would highly recommend it, but if your carrying a reccuring back injury you have to seek other methods.

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