Vince Gironda On Motivation

Vince Gironda

What is any motivator?

I knew I’ d never be 6 feet tall so I got bigger and broader.

But I was a juvenile. Don’ t forget that. I’ m getting back down in weight to maybe that of which I first started.

My waist is 29 inches at age 63 and I weigh 160.

I’ m still trying to keep my measurements up; I still want those measurements, but I don’ t want the weight. My goal is to be as muscular as I was at 170, but only weigh 160.

I seem to respond better when I have a goal.

For instance, when I was on the stage and they’re all out there clapping and screaming – do you know what I said to myself?

“Is this it? What do I do tomorrow?” it took me until the drive home to realize I better come up with a new goal – because I had achieved what I set out to achieve. You better find another way to go – tomorrow or the next day.

That’s why I quit contests.

I figured I achieved whatever I had hoped to with MY equipments. Why do like some of these guys who are over-achievers and show up worse and worse with each passing show? I’d rather have them remember me at my best.

Is this it? What do I do tomorrow?

I give a lot of credit to John Grimek. He quit 25 years before he needed to quit. There’s a guy around that is making a comeback who I’d like to get back in here, because he forgot how to workout.

He gets all these big dumbbells out to do chest and he does stuff he never did in his life. He came in not too long ago to hit a few workouts.

This guy COULD get back in top form, but ISN’T.

I asked him why he didn’t do neck presses and dips for his chest like he used to.

He couldn’t give me a truly valid answer, so I must assume he didn’t really want to get back ALL THE WAY into shape.

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