Vince Gironda Maximum Definition Diet

Vince loved the protein and fat diet – I believe he called it the Maximum Definition Diet. I used Vince’s diets when preparing for contests with great success.

Basically I was eating/drinking dozens of eggs a day (anywhere from 1-3dozen depending on what else I ate). Whole eggs are a perfect food (and cheap). I had only 3-4 meals a day, but between meals I would take a handfull of liver tablets. The most important supplements will be the enzymes, liver tabs, and EFA’s. These will help with digestion and cravings.

Make sure you take in only fat and protein, as there are carbs hidden throughout the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.). Also try to limit your processed food intake (ie. use butter – not margarine, etc.) And drink plenty of water – hyperhydration. Every 3-4 (sometimes 5) days have ONE carb only meal. Don’t make it too big, and don’t eat crap…I guarantee you will feel like crap. Hell, I would get bloated after eating a small bowl of rice while dieting.

The longest I used this diet was 12 weeks. But honestly by week 3 or 4 it was no big deal and could have gone on much longer. But Nick would have me vary between the definition, hormone, and mass diets. Despite other’s “beliefs”, quality research shows no problems using this diet long term (research the Eskimo or Inuit Diet, or read Will Brinks info).

Hopefully I got the major stuff. Vince said that creating a the illusion of a muscular body was 85% nutrition. That means you MUST eat correctly, assuming you are already training correctly.

As I recall Vince said that raw, fertile eggs stimulated the endocrine system and therefore naturally increased growth related hormones. I would drink the shakes he recommended throughout the day for a couple of months (8wks) and switch to another more moderate diet (ie. mass or maintenance). These shakes consisted of raw eggs (12), cream, sometimes wheat germ, banana, and a milk/egg protein (now I use whey)… among other things.

The results aren’t mind blowing, but they are noticable. First, recovery and growth happens more readily after just a week on this diet. Second, little aches and pains (low back, etc.) seem to diminish. And finally, I swear I feel a stronger pump during and after training. My body appears to lose fat and gain muscle, but nothing too dramatic (its not magic). And, barring injury, my weight and/or reps increase steadily.

  1. You are slightly mistaken. The max definition diet he did not include the shake in it. The banana is loaded with carbs. If I was wanting to cut up, I would have the shake but only with eggs, heavy cream and water. I would add some isopure zero carb to make it taste and texture better. between that I would eat raw veggies and that combo would get me shredded very quickly

  2. “#2 Wil 2010-02-09 03:32
    Is it ok eating raw eggs like that? Is dangerous to add raw eggs with the protein shakes?”

    There´s nothing wrong about raw eggs, pop them instead of sh*tty wheys that only bloat your belly and gives you hunger sensation all the time.
    Raw food, as eggs and veggies do you better and gives you pump and muscle.
    Remember, albumin is the best form of protein.

  3. Raw eggs are nice for loosing your craving it takes time to digest so very good for fat lose thing , I start my day with six raw eggs , perfect for the morning and for post workout , wash the shell properly before you pour into the the container

  4. its ok to lower carbs that much and still gain muscle? I was told by a personal trainer that carbs are what supply energy and the protein repairs the muscle (larger). If you don’t eat carbs, your body will then use the protein you ingested for energy and not as much protein will be left for repairing muscles and therefore your muscles will not be supplied with as much protein as they need to gain muscle.

    What do you guys think?

  5. The definition diet is to be typically used for competition preparation.

    Some protein will be used for gluconeogenesis in the absence of carbohydrates and ketones will be used if a long enough adaptation period.

    You can still be ketogenic with a low carb. intake and not zero carb.

    Also, look into coconut oil / MCT for creating ketones as an energy source.

  6. Dillon: you actually don’t want to use coconut oil while on a low/ no carb diet. Read up on info from Dr. Mauro DiPasquale and his Anabolic Diet. Coconut Oil is bascially MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

    When you use MCT’s, the body prefers them over the longer chain fatty acids from saturated fat and you will be nullifying the benefit of the diet.

    They make for a great source of pre-workout energy on a carb based diet, but for a low/ no carb diet coconut oil may actually serve to be counterproductive.

  7. I’m a little sensitive about the raw egg stuff; as I used to do this and actually did get salmonella poisoning from this.

    It was a nasty 24-48 hours, and I don’t recommend it.

    I mean, would you eat raw chicken? raw ground beef? Some things need to be cooked. Indeed, some vegetables actually have potentially harmful properties to some segments of the population if not cooked (cruciferous vegetables and thyroid disease, for one).

    I get the raw crowd. But for safety reasons, I would only eat certain foods raw. Nuts, seeds, dairy, fruits, some vegetables.

    Besides, who wants to eat a raw onion or garlic?

  8. Humans have eaten raw meats and eggs for thousands of years. Looking at everything time wise, cooking is a relative new thing.

    Just make sure you get quality foods, like proper organic eggs. Not those industrial farmed eggs shipped from the other side of the planet.

  9. I went in the gym many years and did lots of circuit training, SmithMachine work, stretching, and rode my mountain bike often.
    Result was bigger, bigger, bigger …lots of muscle but no definition, cravings, insomnia, too much weight.
    Recently, I decided to go low carb, medium dietary fat, high protein, 1 light beer per day, and stopped going to the gym for 10 weeks.
    Results ? Yes, 21 lbs fat loss (from 186 to 165 lbs), much lower blood pressure and pulse, lower bad cholesterol, cravings gone, no desire for high carbs, sugar, salt.
    Cons> less strength, some loose skin, cramps when walking now and then.
    Overall, I am trimmer, the younger women like my flat stomach, I climb stairs and walk faster now.
    If I could do it over, I would set a longer time-frame, drink more water, go moderate carb vs low carb, and maybe a little more light cardio.

  10. RonNW:
    Vince said you should continue your weight training routine while on a cut. This will help the body maintain muscle size and strength while burning fat. Otherwise you may lose some muscle mass along with the fat.

  11. #13: “loose skin” is a myth. What seems to be loose skin is actually skin that still has subcutaneous fat attached to it. You can tell because it’s thick. Take a fat caliper to it and you’ll see.

    If the skin *itself* was truly loose, it would be almost paper thin. But that is unlikely to happen. The epidermis is very adaptable, and if you can burn those remaining deposits of subcutaneous fat, then the skin will tighten up and you will see more definition.

    Not for the bacterial dangers, but for the possibility of hideous CONSTIPATION!
    Eating 4-5 of them with 1/2 & 1/2, 3 times a day, resulted in, for me, a 2″ round solid ball
    of rock-hard shit, that I almost died trying to pass. It looked like someone had been murdered
    in my bathroom, and I suffered (in 01/16), an anal tear which still bothers me from time to time.
    Eggs and liver are the body-builder’s best friend, but I’m very careful about how I eat eggs now…JT

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