Vince Gironda Manual For Gym Instructions

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1. Develop illusion of width across chest (parallel dips, dip slide or ped push-ups.)

2. Increase chest measurement by accentuating taper (Terris Major) with short pull (chest concave, elbows wide) not lats

3. Bring up arm measurement with peak bicep (Spider bench) double contraction

4. Pull out middle tricep for corresponding line of measurement on tape, with pulley push down (elbows firm to body and thumbs on top of bar.)

5. Bring out dramatic illusion of width by using DB laterals or shoulder width upright rowing. Laterals are tilted down (front bell – elbows bent.)

6. Give no abdominal work of any kind or you will stop all muscle growth.

7. Give forearm work seated on bench (straddle and actually lay bar on bench each rep (singles).) Thumbs must be under bar. Forearms and wrists are on top of thighs with wrists hanging over knees.

8. Reverse BB curls are done with collar width grip and bar rubs body on the curl and down. Hacks are done in Frog Squat position, heels together and back under hips. Toes are wide – 12 inches.

9. Calves are always done with shoes 4″ wide and come up on big toe drawing heel together at top of movement (knees are unlocked).

Nutrition will not be discussed because nutrition is highly individualized.

Do not deviate from these exercises because anything other than this routine will not cause super fast visual results.

(IronMan Magazine Jan 1977 Vol. 36 No. 2)

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