Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

This is a very distinct exercise to add muscle mass in the pectoral muscle and was widely used by the former Mr. Olympia Larry Scott while training in Vince ‘s Gym.

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

It is worth noting that this exercise has a fairly high level of difficulty, so it is recommended only for individuals who have good physical ability and a solid strength base.

It is perfectly possible to understand the correct technique to use observing the illustration above , but if this is the first time trying the movement, I recommend you start with your knees on the ground in order to reduce the degree of difficulty. Then you can move on to setting feet on the floor or on top of a bench as you gain more strength.

You can set up the necessary structure to perform this exercise with a TRX system or assembling chains with handles on a Smith machine , for example.

Note : When placing your feet on a higher platform it will enable more upper chest. If you put your feet on the ground it will put more strain on the lower chest.

  1. Tried these today and they were hard to do. I made the mistake of not allowing the cord to fall behind the delts and into the armpit, so the cord was alongside my arm (parallel to my arm) and it didn’t work. In review I’ll definitely try these again but making sure on the contraction to make sure the cord is behind my arm and not alongside it.

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