Vince Gironda Frog Sit Ups

Vince Gironda Frog Sit Ups

Lie flat on your back and draw heels up under hips wide and out to sides like a frog. Now place hands with BarBell Plate behind the head.

Curl head down with chin to chest and shoulders rounding forward and body curling up until only small of back remains on the floor or table.

Remember, this is a roll up type of movement and not a stiff back set up.

Never do any more sets and reps on abdominal work than you would any other muscle you wish to develop.

Abdominal work does not reduce. Only nutrition and a workout with a minimum of rest between sets can reduce.

  1. My leg biceps cramp up terribly when I do these!
    Is there an alternative exercise that will hit the abs the same way?

  2. If your hamstring muscles are cramping when you do this is it maybe because you do not spend enough time stretching them. There maybe also some dietary deficiency so make sure you are getting magnesium, potassium and sodium in your diet. Also try not to squeeze your hamstring muscles too much as you should put the force into the abdominals.

  3. #2 J Marcus Miller: Thank you! I will take another look at my nutritional intake and pay closer attention to the “mind-muscle connection” to see where I’m focusing the physical effort.

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