Vince Gironda European Weight Gaining Trick

Vince claimed this mix was a proven and tested way to gain weight and he stated he had students that gained as much as 40 pounds following it.

Simply mix equal parts of half & half mixed in ginger ale. Drink this mix three times a day between meals. That’s it!

  1. This site gives so many great advises, I have to be thankful beforehand for that.
    I have a question tho. I have a very fast metabolysm, so gaining weight has always been my major issue.
    What is “half & half”?

  2. Is this for gaining weight or gaining muscle?

    Also, I read Vince’s article in a mag where he say’s to use cream, not half & half. That would make more sense since he recommended NOT to take protein and carbs at the same time. The ginger ale would have sugar in it, so mixing it with half & half, which contains protein, would be bad.

    Please clear these issues up for us!


  3. I think he means “half and half” is the portion.

    Basic 50/50 is what he is saying

    So example is 100ml ginger ale + 100ml cream.

  4. Usually half and half meant one half of cream and one half of milk. So my guess would be that you mix that with ginger ale. 🙂
    If you have a really hard time gaining during intense training it’s
    a easy way to up your calories.

  5. Yes, “half and half” is a very common product in American grocery stores. It is approximately half milk and half cream. This is what Americans typically like to put in their coffee. It has a much lower amount of carbohydrates than milk on its own.

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