Vince Gironda Eggs Diet

2-3 dozen eggs a day is a lot, especially if your current diet is moderate in protein and fat. Take it easy at first, and remember you will not be taking in any carbohydrates (assuming you are doing the fat loss diet) except once every 3-4 days in the form of a carb only meal.

Cooking and eating 2-3 dozen cooked eggs a day is difficult, but I found shakes to be the most convenient way of getting my fill.

One shake consists of:

Cream (half and half)
12 eggs (raw)
Water and Ice
Pure protein powder (quality whey/or milk and egg) – the powder is mainly for flavor.

Drink this throughout your morning as breakfast.

Adjust the volume to your preference (ie. taste and consistency).

And adjust the egg content to what you can handle (ex. 6 eggs x 3 x day = 1.5 doz. = half way to 3 doz.)

Repeat at noon and evening. Or make several shakes in the morning and bring them with you to work (so long as you have a fridge for storage).

If you want to eat, eat some eggs or meat. But you’ll probably find your appetite calms down, and your cravings will subside.

Nick told me my diet was…

eggs: unlimited
meat: unlimited
…”thats it, any questions?”

Remember to take digestive enzymes, an EFA blend, and a quality multi-vit (good b complex)

Vince liked liver tabs, and glandulars as well.

If you are not trying to lose bodyfat then just keep your carb intake moderate. By moderate I mean have some toast with your eggs, or enjoy a small veggie side dish with your steak. What I don’t mean is inhaling worthless cereals, or other processed starchy foods with every meal. The kind of carbs you ingest doesn’t matter…it all becomes a form a glucose (sugar) and will cause an insulin response (usually leading to bodyfat deposits). The exception would be fiberous food products, as your body cannot digest them.

  1. Wait, so i am not mistaken. we should eat RAW eggs. Directly from the fridge? Or cooked a little? Or what? lf l remember correctly, raw eggs could lead to diseases such as salmonella.

  2. Eating raw eggs do not cause salmonella. Salmonella results from a bacteria found on the outside of the shell. When someone gets salmonella it is a result of cross-contamination. Thoroughly washing your eggs prior to eating them will remove the bacteria. If the bacteria was on the inside it would ruin the egg before it hatched.

  3. The above comment is pretty ignorant… Salmonella IS THE BACTERIA, not a disease.
    Salmonella is hazardous for humans, but not for chickens. There can be salmonella inside the egg, yes, although it is at a very low percentage. So even if you wash the outside thoroughly, you still have a small chance of getting infected, but it’s not a big worry.

  4. If you are worried about salmonella you can buy pasteurized eggs in the shell. or do it your self instructions can be found on the web.

  5. I am a female that weights 98 pounds and 5’1 inches tall. i was just recently injured myself. I have a tibial platue fracture to my right leg. I can still go to the gym and do upper body machines,but i am not able to do cardio or even walk on my leg. doc said this injury will take 3 months to heal. Anyway, i was reading about your eggg diet and i want to give it a try. I cyrrently eat a TON of chicken. i know for a fact that i eat too much protein for my body size. But that is all that i eat. im ready for something different. So I want to know what I need to eat and the amont of eggs for me to get extreamly lean even when i can not do cardio. carbohydrates always make me gain weight so i do not eat them at all. thank you for your help.

  6. Correct on the Salmonella. I also take Colostrum which is for boosting the immune system ALSO is known for killing Salmonella

  7. I’ve actually used non defatted colostrum powder as protein powder.
    That’s the most effective protein powder I’ve ever used.
    But it’s expencive 143 usd/kg.

  8. There is a 1 in 30000 chance of getting an egg with salmonella. That does NOT mean you will get infected though. Your stomach contains industrial strength acid which kills the f*ck out of pretty much everything, except for H.pilori, the bacteria which causes ulcer. A heavy dose of salmonella would be needed so that some of it survives through the acid and go to the intestines to get you infected. In summary: not gonna happen.

  9. I have tried raw eggs a couple of times, but I’m having trouble with gas. In fact almost anything I eat nowadays gives me gas…any suggestions would be welcome

  10. @ rb

    Dietary cholesterol has very little to do with your levels.
    Your body is able to manufacture more cholesterol than you can eat.

    In some cases there are people that a genetically wired in a way that eating a lot of eggs makes their bodies produce more, but for most of us there is no danger what so ever.

  11. Great site – are you saying that Vince’s egg diet was literally just sip on the egg shakes all day… and then only in the event that you actually feel like eating any food then you eat steak and eggs? And after a while if you lose appetite for steak and eggs then you can live and train for the duration of the diet only on the shakes?

  12. Are leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and lettuce OK on this kind of diet? They have almost no carbohydrates, and provide roughage which is good for digestion.

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