Vince Gironda Advice For Popularity!

Hey Vince, will bodybuilding make me popular with the ladies?Don

Hey Don, or should I call you Don’t? Stupid question. I had all the ladies before I picked up a weight. You either have it or you don’t. And apparently you Don………’nt. Now go away.

Your friend, Vince.

p.s. Massaging raw eggs into the muscle is more powerful than any steroid and making paste out of dessicated liver and water will produce natural pheromones that women can’t resist. Hope that helps. Now go away. Vince

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  1. Although vince is no longer with us but his work and all the good things he did is. I am sure he left a very good name and work behind which lots of people enjoy his work like lary scott and dave draper I am sure he with God

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