Variety Must Be Included For Bodybuilding Progress

As good as any system is, the body will still adapt to it. That’s why we need variety. Even our favorite dessert becomes a drag if we have to eat it over and over. The same is true with exercise.

We all get our best gains when we first start a new exercise program. It doesn’t take long however for that initial burst of progress to taper down to less than 20% of what it was.

The problem lies in how the body reacts to exercise. It releases Growth Hormone to accommodate the stress. Muscles adapt by growing. Once this adaptation takes place, progress drops off.

Weltman did a study which shows adaptation takes place within the first 3 weeks of exercise.

Gains start to drop off before the third week of training. In other words, if you’re training on the same program for more than two weeks you’re losing it. It would be much better if you changed your program the 1st week. But even better … if you changed every day.

Sounds a little radical doesn’t it?

It is … it is and … that’s another reason why the constant changing program is refreshing to the body because the body loves variety.

How Often Should We Change The Whole Training System?

If we change the whole program every 21 days, the body will continue to grow at it’s optimum pace. Maxwell Maltz wrote an excellent book called Psycho-Cybernetics … in which he found it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

The inverse is true with exercise. After 3 weeks, the body will have completely forgotten the beginning. This way we can stay in the Fast Start Growth Phase permanently.

If this has made any sense so far … You’ve got to be impressed. Because this is simply … “first of it’s kind” news. However, you’ll have to …

Be Careful You Don’t Over Do It

Even though you are training for an abbreviated duration, your neuro-muscular system will go through … 5 times as much stress as it would in a conventional 90 minute workout.

By the way … the actual time in the gym will be a little longer because it takes time to change the weights, etc. but … your actual exercising time will be short.

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