Thigh Sweep, Pecs and Lats

1. What is best to do for the sweeping outer curve of the thigh a la Frank Zane?

I’ve been doing Hacks, feet together, toes pointed forward for 10 – 8 / 6 – 15!

2. Is there anything I can do to tighten and shape the pecs without adding any more size to them?

I think they’re big enough already and they grow pretty fast.

3. I’m pretty short and stocky so I’ve been doing pulldowns behind the neck for upper lats.

They worked pretty well at first, but now I’m getting stuck.

What would you recommend to widen the hell out of me?

In closing I’d just like to say that I’ve tried various methods of training and so far I’ve obtained the most satisfaction from yours.

I trained on Nautilus for awhile, but it just doesn’t seem to make it, although I do continue to use their shoulder machine for the laterals cause I can isolate with it better than dumbbells.

Keep up the great work!

1. For the outer curve of the thigh:

The Sissy Squat – or – 1 & ½ unlocked Hack Slides.

Sissy’s 5 sets of 15 – Hacks 8 x 8.

2. To firm pecs:
Bottom out on Parallel Dips and only push-up 3-4 inches 8 sets of 8 reps.

(Chin on chest, elbows wide and feet under face).

3. Widen lats, kneel under over-head pully 12” wide grip, elbows wide (never straighten arms out over head), pull down to sternum and arch back (don’t lay back, arch!).

The action of the latissimus is to draw the shoulder girdle down and back.

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