The Roman Chair Squat

In your book Unleashing the Wild Physique you demonstrate an old exercise called the Roman Chair Squat.

Now come on Vince, you know as well as I do that this is an old-fashioned, lousy leg exercise. It has been totally superceded by modern apparatus such as the hack machine, and leg press machine, so why are you pushing this antiquated movement? It’s useless!

How dare you intimate that I am deliberately misleading readers.

Throughout my career I have resisted jumping on the commercial bandwagon for self profit. I have outright refused to endorse over one hundred different products in the last five years. Why? Because I didn’t believe in them 100 percent!

So why would I push the Roman Chair leg apparatus. I don’t sell them. I have no commercial interest in them.

No Sir, I promote the apparatus because in spite of being old-fashioned as you call them, the Roman Chair is a great shape builder for men and women (Ask Gladys Portugues or Mohamed Makkawy).

Incidentally barbells and dumbbells are even older (more old fashioned) yet every single champion bodybuilder uses them to build his body. Or would you care to let me know of one, just one, who does not use free weights in his workouts at least 90 percent of the time.

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