The “Monty Wolford” Or “Sissy Squat”

Monty Wolford

The “Monty Wolford” (named after the man who made the exercise popular in America) was a three-phase variation of the squat done with bodyweight only.

In the first phase, place your hands behind the neck, squat down 6 inches, then back up. Ten to 15 reps of these, then on to the second phase, the bottom half of a full squat for another 10-15 reps, starting with glutes practically touching the floor and thrusting hips forward to rise back up to parallel, but no farther than that. The third phase was a full squat for another 10 reps.

  1. I am Dennis Folkes
    Is Monty still alive?
    I worked for him and also friends with him when he lived just ourside of a lirtle town of Oakhurst close to Yosemite.

  2. Hi, Monte trained me in the 80’s he had a herb shop called mountain flower in riverside and at that time he was 72 so it’s possible that he’s alive but I don’t think so, he would be over 100

  3. Monte trained in my gym, The Bodybuilders Workshop in Reno Nv up until 1995, when I closed the gym and moved to San Diego.
    He was working steadily as a stone mason contractor, and the last time I saw him, he had fallen off of a ladder onto his head. I visited him at his home in Reno, and at that time he was conscious, but the fall affected him to where he could not talk or move with any coordination.
    I tried to phone his wife from San Diego, but his phone had been disconnected, and I lost contact with him after that.

  4. Monte fell off of a ladder in 1995 and landed on his head in Reno Nv.
    when I last visited him, he could not move or talk. I moved to San Diego that year, and when I tried to call his wife, the phone had been disconnected, and I lost contact.

  5. Monty and his wife jean lived next to us in the 60s their sons Micky, mark, Monty. We would run foot races .I beat them long distance but short distance they were fast.

  6. a friend of mine was caretaker for Monte for a while after his ladder incident . his family took him home and I was told he passed away I think 3 or four years ago

  7. I used to shop at Monty’s herbal shop. Nice people working there too. I had a bodybuilding workout routine from him(which I no longer have) and some vegetarian protein recipes that I still have. A nice guy too. He had a herbal product that he designed called Pepti. I think it is still available at some vitamin stores in Riverside, Ca.

  8. I helped Monty build the Rose hip herb shoppe in Riverside he cured me of a deadly chemical poisoning , we also opened the Riverside city gym next door . He was a smart chinese Herbalist and also taught Buddhism , that was in the 70’s we moved to Oregon and lost contact . His eorkout program has kept me strong to this day still as Im pushing 70 years young ! Thank you Monty ! Peace to you in heaven .

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