Stimulating Muscle Growth

I. Muscle growth is dependent on 2 things;

(1) Utilization of Amino Acids by muscle cell for cellular growth, (bigger myofibrils).

(2) Entry of Amino Acids (final breakdown product of protein into cell).

For this to occur the Amino Acids must be in the serum (blood) and they must have the mechanism to get into the cell.

Working out lowers blood sugar. The body shuts or slows down the insulin production. The body produces glucagon to raise blood sugar.

Insulin is the primary driver of Amino Acids into the cell.

II. Workout too hard and:

• burn all your energy reserves
• shut down insulin production
• increase glucagon production
• start working out on your “neuro transmitters” (norepinephrine) you shake – “over tonus”
• blood sugar falls
• Amino acids don’t get into cell
• muscle growth can’t occur
• muscle growth can only occur after the work out when over tonus subsides (eat)


1. Keep Amino Acids high in blood.

2. Keep insulin going (production)

3. Don’t burn-off all energy reserves during workout, so you don’t shut off all the insulin.

(IronMan, July, 1983)

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