Single Vitamins Cannot Work

I am 15 years old and I have been bodybuilding for about 1 ½ years. I weigh 175. You should receive my order for your arm course very soon in the future.

I have a question. I hope you will please answer. I saw an add about Formulas B3 and B7. It said in one of the testimonials that it is a substitute for anabolic steroids but it is natural. Do you know if this stuff works?

Does it hurt your body in any way? I don’t ever want to use anything that would harm my body in any way.

Single vitamins (Mono Substances) cannot work, they need catalysts to be utilized.

If you’re interested in producing male hormones in your body, do as the fellows in my gym are doing.

1-3 dozen raw fertile eggs mixed in ½ & ½ cream and milk beaten, and taken every 3 hours will produce an anabolic effect by putting you in a positive nitrogen balance.

It’s as easy as that. The effect is really miraculous.

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