Shaping Up Mohamed Makkawy

Mohamed Makkawy

I am hearing a great deal about you helping Mohamed Makkawy to really shape up.

Can you tell us how you did this? Are you helping any other pro’s to get better?

It is true that Mohamed comes down from Canada to train at my gym before some of the top shows, but I don’t take full credit for his transformation. Let’s just say I helped.

Actually Mohamed is genetically ideal to excel in bodybuilding. What pleases me most is, like Scott before him, Mohamed listens to me and follows my recommendations.

If I suggest certain dietary recommendations, he accepts my viewpoint. Likewise if I suggest certain tips to develop his outer triceps, his abdominals, legs etc.

I must admit that Mohamed is not only a splendid personality but a sheer joy to work with.

Any praise for his transformation should be directed towards him, not me. After all, he is the one sweating his arse off in the gym.

If I were to tell you exactly how we get him into peak condition it would be confusing to readers since all his training is tailored specifically to his individual physique requirements.

Other pro’s are contacting me for training information, but I only like to work one hundred percent or not at all.

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