Sergio Oliva At Vince’s Gym

Sergio Oliva At Vince's Gym

Do you train Sergio Oliva? I think he is the best bodybuilder around even today.

I saw you at the Olympia (outside the Felt Forum on the day of the contest) in New York, but you were surrounded by fans so I did not get to shake your hand and say hi!

This was the first time I had seen you, and also the first time I had seen Sergio and I must admit I got a real kick out of seeing you both.

I am going to buy your book “Unleashing the Wild Physique” right now.

One last thing, I had heard that Sergio’s posing was not all that hot, yet I thought he did pretty well at the Olympia. What did you think? 

No! I do not train Sergio, but he does stop over at my gym whenever he’s in the Los Angeles area.

You could almost say that Sergio doesn’t need my training because I specialize in bringing out the flared tapered look on physiques (wide shoulders, narrow hips and waist) and Sergio already has this look naturally. He’s a genetic superior.

Regarding New York, I must admit it was a joy to meet so many fans of my training methods. I didn’t realize so many youngsters were sympathetic to my methods. I was overwhelmed by so many polite and gracious young enthusiasts, I couldn’t believe it! I appreciate every one of them.

Sergio’s posing? I liked it. I thought he presented a nice mix of muscle and artistic attitudes. He looked great too!

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