Rheo H Blairs Original Protein

INGREDIENTS: Calcium and Sodium Caseinate (milk protein) low-heat nonfat dry milk, lactalbumin, dried whole eggs, iron phosphate, natural vanilla flavor


Serving Size
28.35 grams (1/4 cup)

Percentage of U.S. RDAllowance


17.5 grams

30%  (300 mg)

15 mg
Riboflavin   ( B2)  12%

7 g

Blairs Protein is formulated for nutritional superiority with only the highest grade of nutrients. It is processed through an exclusive low temperature process that does not denature the amino acids.

Therefore insuring both maximum biological availability and unexcelled solubility. This superb blend with its excellent amino acid balance offers unexcelled solubility and taste. This product is excellent for repair and rebuilding of bodily tissue while helping to maintain high levels of stamina, vitality and efficiency. Blairs Protein contains the IGF1 and IGF2 (insulin growth factors) that produce increases in strength, energy levels and size. The results may vary from individual to individual. This special patented process is expensive but the result is what Blairs Protein has been about for over 40 years.

Vitamins, minerals/amino acids derived from milk and egg ingredients.

Sugar content derived naturally from milk.

Contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors or ingredients.

“Quality is the only true bargain”

  1. Someone must have this formula. Many bodybuilders from the Golden Era raved about this protein, especially Frank Zane. How can we re-created this? Somebody must know the secret.

  2. I think I may have most of the recipe for his profound protein drink. I am 65 years young and actually had the drink back in the day. Here are the ingredients I believe he was using. I am substituting a ready mixed protein powder that I personally like.
    1. universal milk and egg protein powder
    2. add additional egg white protein (egg white int’l)
    3. colostrum (for the IGF-1 & 2)
    4. heavy cream as the liquid (Vince Gironda) don’t fret the fat content
    5. BCAA’s in powder form
    keep carbohydrate intake at a minimum and you will shed fat and keep your hard earned muscle while cutting
    scott, zane and even Arnold used this stuff prior to his dianabol period.

  3. I think the main difference between Blair’s protein and a lot of the newer egg protein powders or the mixed milk + egg powders is that Blair’s contained the WHOLE egg, not just the whites. The yolk has the lion’s share of nutrients! If your powder does not contain yolk, then you would do well to mix in some whole farm-fresh eggs.

  4. Larry Scott had some and worked with a lab Utah to reproduce it. If you look on larryscott.com website it is sold as Hyper Growth. He would always recommend you mix with heavy cream and sip it. It should take about 20-30 min to complete.

    He explained to me that the colostrum is what makes us grow so fast. Think of the benefits a child has when breast feeding how fast they grow etc. The main factors that cause the growth are the IGF 1 and 2. As we get older our stomach acid breaks down colostrum making it not as useful. The heavy whipping cream coats the IGF factors and helps prevent them from getting broken down. Sipping the drink also aided in higher amounts being able to be absorbed.

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