Iron Guru – The Vince Gironda Story


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3 hours of history, training and nutrition explained and demonstrated by the one-and-only Vince Gironda – The Iron Guru.

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  • It used to be said that you couldn’t call yourself a bodybuilder unless you’d been kicked out of Vince’s Gym.

    Vince Gironda’s wisdom and vast knowledge enabled him to train more bodybuilding champions and movie stars than anyone in the history of the sport.

    In intimate conversation Vince Gironda looks back on his life to reveal the seminal moments that fuelled his relentless drive to become the most famous and volatile trainer in the history of the iron game.


    With previously unseen photos and footage here is the Iron Guru and Vince’s Gym as you have never seen them before.

    3 hours of history, training and nutrition explained and demonstrated by the one-and-only Vince Gironda – The Iron Guru.

    Includes the complete footage of Vince training Kay Baxter, Vince discussing Arnold’s arrival at his gym, how Vince viewed the Hollywood and bodybuilding stars, rare unseen photos of Vince, Vince’s Gym and the golden era of bodybuilding, all of Vince’s posing and competition footage, Vince explains in full details his theories, philosophies and techniques for bodybuilding nutrition, training, supplements, drugs and much, much more!

    • It’s tough in the Bronx

    • A fathers influence, Ben Hur and the Pickwick Riding Academy

    • Falling in love with movies and musicals

    • School life and sporting achievements

    • Discovering bodybuilding and weight training


    • Vince’s childhood and family

    • Movie roles and meeting the Easton Brothers

    • Finding first love with Peggy O’Neal

    • The not-so-grand opening of Vince’s Gym

    • Movie studios and training the stars

    • Bodybuilding competition, magazines and reputation


    • Love, loss and depression

    • Larry Scott lands in the cradle of Vince’s

    • Don Howorth, Rheo H. Blair and stepping into Stonehenge

    • Finding love again

    • Vince’s childhood and family

    • The Austrian Oak meets the Gironda charm

    • A son arrives at the gym

    • Tough talking Baretta and Hells Angels Tessier

    • Guy Gironda saved by the healing arts

    • The 1970’s were tough in California

    • Musclemag, The Iron Guru and a change in fortune

    • The rise of the Nautilus machines

    • Loss leads to drink and despair

    • Rocky, Weathers and Estrada riding high on fame

    • Female bodybuilding at the fore with Kay Baxter

    • Vince’s “co-ed” Gym and the changing of the guard

    • The Vince Gironda Seminar


    • The Magic Egyptian shines then shatters

    • Pursuing the Wild Physique

    • Rock-bottom and taking a toll

    • Awards and sales break the bank

    • A legendary guru passes

    • A colourful gym in life and death


    • Vince Gironda personally discusses and demonstrates his unique theories on nutrition, training, supplements, steroids, bodybuilding and more!


    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Daryl Conant

      Wow, this video is possibly the GREATEST find of all of Vince’s stuff, it is FREAKING AWESOME.

      I got goose bumps watching it. Thanks for putting this video together, this is so INCREDIBLE I can’t contain myself. I AM OUT OF CONTROL!

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      David Denhollander

      It’s awesome and thank you for your contribution to the golden era of bodybuilding!

    3. Rated 5 out of 5

      Mitch David Carter

      Great work and an important milestone for Vince’s legacy.

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