Pressing Movements For Deltoids

You seldom recommend pressing movements for the deltoids (shoulders) yet I have noticed that a great number of Olympic lifters of the past who did presses had really great deltoids, and even present lifters who do jerks have huge shoulders.

Are you against pressing for shoulder development?

I must admit that I have not got results from pressing, and certainly prefer more isolation-type exercises such as lateral raise for deltoid development.

Larry Scott did use a type of pressing movement very successfully. He used dumbells but maintained a constant tension on the deltoids by not “locking out” at the top of the pressing movement.

This exercise became known as the Scott Press and later was adopted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and consequently the movement is also known as the Arnold Press.

You mention that Olympic lifters who jerk heavy weights tend to have large deltoids. Has it not occurred to you that they also clean the weight to the shoulders before jerking it? I have great respect for the wide grip upright row motion (a strict form of cleaning a barbell).

Use this exercise in your shoulder training routine and see those deltoids grow!

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