A Secret to More Muscle Progress

One of the keys to more progress is to learn your proper role while lifting weights. It is not to push iron, your role is to cheer the muscle on while it lifts the weight. If you focus your energy “in to the muscle” rather than “out” to the weight you’ll make much more progress.

A New Idea For Thigh Biceps

Nothing can fill your day with enthusiasm like a new idea. We who have chosen bodybuilding as our labour of love find ourselves twice fuelled by this powerful need for something new. Our restless minds hunger for new ideas that haven’t been thought and our body yearns to be freed from the monotony of sameness.

How To Get Huge With Larry Scott

You need to find your own special set of exercises and then discover the exact amount of sets, reps and burns you need to explode to new growth. I know it may sound full of hype, but I don’t know how to be more truthful.

Vince Gironda, Squats and Sore knees

Vince Gironda always recommended various forms of front squatting with the heels raised, and or hacks and sissy squats but these exercises have always been rough on my knees.


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