Don Peters Posing

Posing For Pre-Contest Peaking

Muscle control and posing are the pre-contest peaking secret, plus analyzing the body every day to decide the severity of training for that day. Nutritional analysis is also necessary, to the appearance of muscle tissue.

Soft Drinks No Good

Soft drinks may taste good but they are definitely not good for you. The sugar, caffeine and chemical additives contained in soft drinks can trigger weight gain also you run the risk of physical and mental dependency, dental decay and increased illness as you get older.

Sweets And Flab

The reason you crave sweets is because you need proteins and fats in your diet.

How To Gain Muscle

The way to build muscle tissue and no fat is by taking amino acid and liver tablets every 3 hours (positive nitrogen balance.)

How To Get Huge With Larry Scott

You need to find your own special set of exercises and then discover the exact amount of sets, reps and burns you need to explode to new growth. I know it may sound full of hype, but I don’t know how to be more truthful.

Vince Gironda, Squats and Sore knees

Vince Gironda always recommended various forms of front squatting with the heels raised, and or hacks and sissy squats but these exercises have always been rough on my knees.


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