Drag Curls Biceps Workout

I am concerned at present with my biceps development. Currently my arms measure 15-1/2” and I train my arms using the barbell curl and the seated concentration curl, but results are not coming.

Lop Sided Development

Vince Gironda, I’ve been working out two years and I’ve developed a problem. One side of my rib-cage is bigger than the other. My left side looks larger than my right.

Mr. Average Bodybuilder

I’ve always had pretty good size and not too bad “cuts” but I think my physique is lacking. I did take steroids for six months two years ago but all they did was thicken my waist area and maybe my arms got a little bigger, but nothing dramatic happened.

How To Get Huge With Larry Scott

You need to find your own special set of exercises and then discover the exact amount of sets, reps and burns you need to explode to new growth. I know it may sound full of hype, but I don’t know how to be more truthful.

Vince Gironda, Squats and Sore knees

Vince Gironda always recommended various forms of front squatting with the heels raised, and or hacks and sissy squats but these exercises have always been rough on my knees.


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