Overcoming Bodybuilding Sticking Points

Vince, I’ve come to a point where I just cannot seem to increase my workout poundages anymore.

I have been at a sticking point for over six months and my progress has stalled. What can I do to get myself gaining again?

Adding weight is not necessarily a method of adding resistance. At least, it is not the only method.

Trying constantly to increase workout poundages leads to cheating, thus your muscles are working less than if lighter weights are being used.

Try this trick. Do what I call 1 ½’s.

For every rep do a half rep followed by a full rep. This one and a half equals one rep. Do all your reps for every exercise in this method. But the secret is to do this for only three sets. Anymore will lead to over-work and a resulting loss of muscle tone and hormone depletion.

I have found that bodybuilders always add exercises, sets and reps when they stop improving. This never produces results. The real secret is to cut back on sets and use better form.

(More concentration and intensity of effort).

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