Old School Bodybuilding

I come from the old school of bodybuilding. I believe that all one needs to develop a top physique are the basics: squats, bench presses, bent rows, press behind the neck, deadlifts, barbell curls and triceps extension.

Why do you advocate so many isolations and what I call “sissy” exercises, like sissy squats for thighs and side raises for delts?

As I glance through pages of various muscle magazines or look at the physiques of contestants of contests I attend, I rarely see a body that I consider fully developed.

Every bodypart has a weak area in most physiques I see. This is because most bodybuilders never seem to know the proper exercise to perform to bring out the slow developing portions of the muscles (weak points) that really enhances the shape of the muscle. And to be a good bodybuilder, you must train for shape.

The basics only work the belly of the muscle but do nothing for the origins and insertions of the muscle, which help to shape the muscle so much.

If basics fully worked the muscle, we would have no need for preacher curls for low biceps development, hack slides for low thighs, lat pulldowns for lengthening the lats, dips for lower and outer pecs, cables for inner pecs, lateral raises for side delts and incline dumbbell presses for high pecs, incline side raise for rear delts.

The list goes on and on, but the point is, unless you do shaping exercises you will be big but not look good and you will never attain maximum size unless you include shaping exercises in your routine.

Have I made myself clear?

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