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Ray Raridon, Ron Kosloff, Vince Gironda

NSP was founded by Vince Gironda and Ray Raridon in 1972. Ray was a personal trainer at Vince’s Gym and a representative for the old Signet Labs in Los Angeles. Vince was not happy with the quality and prices of the nutritional supplements of that time. Vince and Ray went onto formulate and sell their own line of products exclusively through Vince’s Gym.

I like to refer to NSP as the “Old Time Body Building Co.” We use this term because we still make the staples of natural bodybuilding that Vince so strongly advocated. Some of these staple products include: 92% milke & egg protein, liver tabs, glandulars, amino acids, vitamin packs, digestive enzymes, fat burners, muscle mass-3000 and growth factors.

Vince was more interested in training, research and writing. These reasons led Vince to give NSP to Ray, and he went on to take the NSP name national. I became his first eastern distributor and later became NSP east exclusively. Upon the death of Ray Raridon in 1999, I purchased NSP outright. I have since been working diligently to return NSP to prominence and again #1 in sports nutrition.

You have my word; I will continue to give you the very same quality products that Vince and Ray produced in 1972. Vince wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Ron Kosloff

  1. COMMENT & INQUIRY….. I recently read an article you wrote about Vince’s “Old Time Training”.

    Do you know of any effective nutritional food or supplement to reduce the rate of oxidation of LDL? I am fully aware that statins reduce the amount of LDL, but not necessarily the rate of of oxidation.



  2. I’m Ray’s oldest brother, now almost 71. Ray died in June 2000, not in 1999. I believe the date was 6/13/00. My dad and other brother were at the funeral in the San Fernando Valley, along with other relatives and friends.

    God bless you!

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