New Discoveries With Dessicated Liver

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Only within the last few years have the important values of desiccated liver been proven and new light shed on this outstanding food.

One of the most important facts about desiccated liver is its ability to help the body detoxify many chemicals that are dangerous but extremely hard to escape from. When eating meat it is almost impossible to escape from the intake of Desdiethylstilbesterol, a synthetic female hormone in the meat. Hopefully, this hormone will be taken out of all beef shortly. With enough regular daily intake of desiccated liver the body can detoxify DES. It can also detoxify cortisone, many pharmaceutical drugs, nicotine, alcohol and marijuana.

Only within the last few years has the most important factor in desiccated liver been uncovered. It took 20 years before it was discovered. It was made by Dr. Minor J. Coon, Univ. of Michigan. He succeeded in isolating and testing a red protein pigment which was given the name of P-450. This pigment tested and retested in the laboratory proved it was able to perform all the functions of liver that had been previously tested on the vitamins but not found attributable to them.

P-450 is not water soluble, and that the drying process in concentration of desiccated liver from whole liver does not remove this newly discovered liver factor, but rather concentrates it.

P-450 is a catalyst which speeds up oxidation of chemicals important to human life and detoxifies poisonous substances that we breathe in and digest in food. Production of energy is a process of oxidation of glucose within the cell. This in turn produces fatigue toxins that gradually slow down energy. P-450 can improve the energy production process and also improve the ability of the body to detoxify the fatigue toxins. That is why the rats were able to continue on for so long.

Later tests on human children were made. The results were confirmed. The unidentified factor in liver is as important to human growth and endurance as it is to that of laboratory animals.

(Musclemag Vol2 issue 1)

  1. This is excellent information, especially for today’s naysayers who dismiss liver tabs as just dried meat and downplay their efficacy. Old-school physical culturists like Vince really knew their stuff.

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