Mr. Average Bodybuilder

Vince, I am a typical Mr. Average Bodybuilder who has been hitting the weights on and off for ten years.

I’ve always had pretty good size and not too bad “cuts” but I think my physique is lacking. I did take steroids for six months two years ago but all they did was thicken my waist area and maybe my arms got a little bigger, but nothing dramatic happened.

Can you help me get a really dynamic looking body? The title of your new book “Unleashing the wild Physique” has really inspired me to want more than I have.

What you are asking for is a dynamic flaired physique, with wild, sizzling proportions…right!

Firstly you should not have taken the steroids. They rob your physique of its personality. Instead of relying on planned exercise combinations you were hoping to get results from a chemical. Do not use them again.

What you need is body sculpting. Too many bodybuilders aim to increase their muscles maximally and in every direction. I agree with exercising every aspect of a bodypart (4 sides to a muscle) but I do not agree with trying to maximize the size of every area.

If you want to look “wild” then you have to build maximum size only in certain areas. The ones that come to mind of course, are the upper lat width, the outer chest area, the lower and mid thigh, the forearms and calves, the lower biceps and triceps, and the lateral head of the deltoids.

Each bodybuilder is individual in his needs and without seeing your physique I cannot make an accurate judgement.

After ten years you should know enough about your body to plan your own routine for that wild look you talk about. If you don’t then read my book.

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