Mothers Milk For Health

Mother’s milk has the highest biological value of all the proteins (95 percent). Next comes eggs at 94 per cent; cows milk follows with 90 per cent. milk and egg protein will build muscle faster than any other known food.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1)

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  1. larry scotts mothers milk was great stuff in the 90s n early 2000s n then they went with different manufacturer n its never been the same . i bought a 6 pack in 2002 n ended up giving it away , the same bad coconut smell like the rest. dave drapers vaniila is the closest youll get to larrys original. larrys came in tall slim cannisters n wen i got them again they changed the jug the pic logo n the ingredinates never again n for 50.00 i can get 2 of dave drapers. wen larry got sick someone really screwed up the original taste n texture of larrys original

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