Managing Stress And Exercise

Vince Gironda and Monte Wolford

Stress can be described as anything painful which upsets our equilibrium (workouts you do not enjoy).

Stress asks for Fight or Flight – we do neither – so exercise.

The heart beat quickens and the blood pressure rises. Hormones pour into the blood alerting various organs sending sugar to the muscles. The digestive system turns off so attention can be directed to the threat. Red cells flow into arteries to help the body take in additional oxygen. The body is getting ready to release the pressure you are under by Fight or Flight. But unlike our caveman ancestors, we can no longer indulge in Fight or Flight, so again I say: EXERCISE – and HARD!

No one can avoid stress no mater how metaphysical he tries to be and stress is the bodybuilder’s number one enemy!

Stop driving yourself through workouts that are too long!

(IronMan Magazine Jan 1977 Vol. 36 No. 2)

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