Make Stubborn Biceps Grow

I am having difficulty in making my biceps grow and respond. I haven’t even gained ½ inch in six months.

What can I do to make my biceps grow Vince?

Presently I do Barbell curls, dumbell curls and preacher curls, three sets each of 10 reps.

Try doing 21’s for increased arm size. Do seven partial barbell curls, moving the bar from the thighs to only half way up. Next do seven partial reps from the top and lower half way down. Next do seven full reps.

Your biceps should be pumped to the max and on fire!

During performance of this exercise, keep intermuscular contractions at a high level.

Try also to eat more protein. I recommend 50 grams of protein six times a day while on this biceps program. Also try taking five free-form amino acid tablets and five desiccated liver tabs every three hours to keep yourself in positive nitrogen balance and the tissues saturated with protein.

  1. I don’t understand why you reccommend 50g of protein six times a day if we are supposed to consume only half of our weight in grams. For example, I weight 220 lb. That means that I cannot eat more than 100 gr of protein a day. That’s about two 5 ounces steaks and about 5 or 6 eggs. 50g of protein six times a day is 300 g. Don’t you think that my liver is going to suffer for that? Thanks.

  2. #1, when did Vince Gironda ever say we are supposed to consume half our weight in grams?

    It’s commonly known in bodybuilding that you should consume about a gram to a gram and a half of protein per pound of bodyweight per day for muscle growth.

    Who says high levels of protein are bad for the liver? That idea has been debunked.

  3. That’s not quite true, #2.
    When consuming that much protein, you must reserve one day a week for consuming carbs only, or you’ll come into “protein poisoning”. People who live out in the woods and try to live on rabbit alone get this. The liver is toxified. One day of carbs only will de-toxify the liver sufficiently. Vince’s advice.

  4. #3, rabbit meat is very lean, so of course there would be nutritional deficiency if somebody only ate rabbit. Protein should be consumed with sufficient fat.

    As for a whole day of carbs, I don’t believe that’s what Vince recommended. When doing the maximum definition diet of proteins and fats, he recommended one carb meal every three to four days. That’s just one *meal* of carbs, not consuming carbs for every meal that *whole day*. And it’s not for detox, it’s for replenishing glycogen stores, because without that, you will start to lose cuts and definition. Vince’s detox routine was different; it involved several days of vegetables with no meat.

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