Lop Sided Development

Vince, I’ve been working out two years and I’ve developed a problem.

One side of my rib-cage is bigger than the other. My left side looks larger than my right.

Please Vince, tell me what I can do about this.

I’m going to get hell from MuscleMag readers for this because I am on record as not recommending either one arm movements or squats, but in your case because of the unusual circumstances I am – wait for it – recommending both!

Perform one arm dumbbell pullovers. Hold the dumbbell in the hand that corresponds with the small side of the thorax. Hold the wrist with the other hand and perform breathing pullovers after a set of breathing squats (20 reps).

Having now expounded I will await the two thousand letters telling me I’m a hypocrite. Over and out!

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