Lop-Sided Arm Development

My left arm is less developed than my right. I just cannot even things up.

I feel that this difference, almost two inches, will hold me back when I enter contests.

In the performance of any exercise, always THINK LEFT-HANDED if you are right-handed (if not, reverse), particularly on alternate movements; always start with your left arm.

Start using your left arm to open doors, reach for things, etc. In short, learn to become ambidextrous.

Actually, the way to bring up any smaller muscle is to concentrate on that side of your body and become fully aware of what is taking place with that muscle (Mind to muscle pathway is strengthened and improved.) Concentration is visualization. So, see the muscle in your mind’s eye (and watch it pump.)

The oldest adage in bodybuilding is work for a pump. Never attempt to work the smaller side with one-arm exercises. This only overworks it and will actually cause it to shrink. You must strengthen nerve pathways first; then the muscle will grow. (Electrical Charge.)

It goes without saying, you are developing better coordination with the muscle involved, and thus, will use it automatically. So, THINK LEFT!!!

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