Joe DiMarco On Vince Gironda

Joe and I talked about Vince Gironda, who had a column in the Muscle Builder magazine during the same era as the Bill West and Joe DiMarco articles. Joe never met Vince, but said he did actually meet his son, Guy, and actually trained with him a bit.

Joe thought it ironic that he actually got Guy to do squats, which was a pet peeve of his dad’s, who advised very strongly against them. Guy was pretty strong on the squat, in fact, starting with around 400 pounds in the lift.

Joe also said that Vince was against neck training for the bodybuilder, saying that an overly developed neck makes the shoulders appear less wide, but Joe was amused by the fact that Guy had a pretty well developed neck himself.

Joe said Vince was very particular about the way people at his gym trained, and that he actually would run guys out of his gym  with a baseball bat if they used what Vince regarded as unsound methods, or otherwise got out of line in any way.

Squatting was one of the taboos, and in fact there were no squat stands at Vince’s Gym.

One of the men that was a victim of such treatment was actually Robert Blake, the board loving detective we all remember well, told Joe.

Word has it that Clint Eastwood got a similar treatment from Vince.

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