Is There a Secret Weight Training Routine?

Vince, I read so much bull all the time in the magazines. Everybody says something different.

Give it to me straight. Should I keep on experimenting or is there really a secret routine?

OK, so listen carefully. Il’l say it once. You should always give a new routine a chance to work. At least three months. When I was competing I believed absolutely in giving a routine nine (9) months to work.

It seemed that something magical started to work on or about the ninth month. Gains not previously seen appeared.

Just as mysteriously working on a routine longer than nine months often ceases to be productive. Perhaps boredom comes along.

There is no secret routine but there sure is a good general routine. I have found that using one exercise per given body part for eight sets of eight reps is a particularly workable concept.

It’s a reliable, well proven routine that will always give you something worthwhile in results. It will keep your muscles honest.

8 sets of 8 gets your muscles cookin’ pretty good.

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