Invoking Nerve Force for Muscle Development

I observe many people at the gym doing one arm exercises, one leg exercises, and one back exercises where they just work one side of the body or the other.

These are not bad exercises but, simply doing one arm or one leg or one side of the chest or one side of the body doesn’t implement nerve force.

And of course, this is why Vince was so far ahead of everyone else, he knew that in order to activate nerve force, both sides of the body must be worked simultaneously.

One arm exercises or one calf exercises or one shoulder exercises are just shaping movements to shape the muscle. They don’t invoke nerve force and when you don’t invoke nerve force then you can’t have growth.

Keep that in mind because I see a lot of people doing that and it is very difficult to tell them the exercises they are performing are erroneous and they’re not going to produce any growth, just shape.

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  1. I’m a big fan of alot of Vince’s work, particularly that on nutrition.

    However this bull. Total bull. One-arm/leg exercise maximally activate the nervous system! More so than bilateral exercises! Because less muscle is involved more nerve focus can be focused to a smaller area, supposedly.

    Its well documented that everyone can lift more with 1 arm than half of there 2 arm/leg lift weight.

    I think Vince had the right idea, unilateral’s are completely inferior for hypertrophy due lack of systemic fatigue. But Vince shouldn’t be talking about things he doesn’t know about, strength is powerlifting territory, not bodybuilding!

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