If You Can’t Flex It You Can’t Build It

I’ve already mentioned this but I need to finish up with this last thought. It’s this idea that has made all the difference in my training this last 2 years. You’ve got to learn how to send signals to the very muscles you want to grow.

In the abdominals for example, you can’t just … crunch down on whole area and expect your midsection to blossom into beautiful muscle. You’ve got to create a mental dialogue with the muscle. You have to actually feel it flex during the exercise. You can’t just lift the weight and somehow hope all the individual muscles in that area are going to develop to their full sculpted potential.

You have to find the muscle by mentally firing signals down to the area. Eventually, you’ll feel the muscle start to flex. Keep it up. Relax it and flex it. Get the feel of it responding. Be careful you don’t use too heavy a weight or you’ll lose touch with the individual muscle and just begin flexing the whole area again.

Warning, when you develop this “feeling” with each muscle group and learn how to orchestrate it’s movement, you’re on the path to a beautifully sculpted body. I have to warn you however, it’s terribly addictive.

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