How To Speed Up Your Training Pace

How can I speed up my training pace and not run out of energy? I want to get a cardio-vascular type workout to lose fat and strengthen my heart and lungs.

Breath control is the secret of this cardiovascular type workout. Inhale and exhale on the up movement as well as the down movement. This will force oxygen into the blood stream (oxygen loading) and produces a terrific pump to the muscle. This type of breathing reduces the need for rest between sets because rest is only a need for oxygen.

Deep breathing and breathlessness throughout the entire workout is one of the best fat trimmers I know of.

Between sets, don’t sit and pant for breath…hyperventilate. This gets oxygen into the blood stream and to the muscles faster. This is performed by taking slow, deep breaths through your pursed lips.

Place your hands on your thigh (knees bend) and lift your chest high as you take each breath. After 5 to 10 breaths taken in this manner you should be ready to begin your next set.

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