How To Perform Perfect Biceps Curls

You seem to have a unique way of doing nearly all exercises, little things that apparently make the exercises more effective. Could you tell me the right way to do a barbell curl?

I’ve always felt you had the most sensible and intelligent approach to bodybuilding.

You are a very astute and observant young man and sensible and intelligent for recognizing it in me. I gladly return the compliment.

As to barbell curls, I have rarely seen anybody do this exercise properly. Most people lean forward as they curl, depriving the lower biceps of work and at the completion of the movement they lean back, depriving the upper biceps of work.

I recommend you do the opposite.

This is what I call “perfect” curls. As you start the curl, lean back so that the lower biceps receives a lot of stretch and does most of the work.

As the bar reaches mid point, your upper body should be perfectly vertical. This allows the belly of the biceps to receive the majority of work.

Finally, at the completion of the rep, lean forward, cramping the biceps and working the peak of the biceps.

Obviously less weight than normal must be used when doing “perfect” curls, but your biceps will benefit more.

Try 4 sets of 10 reps and you may just end up with perfect biceps.

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