How To Peak For A Bodybuilding Contest

I never seem to be able to peak correctly for a contest. I diet strictly but never really get ripped.

Please give me some of your valuable contest preparation advice. Anything, Vince. I need help.

You must be in good shape weeks before a contest. You cannot fatten up and then hope to get ripped in a week or two.

Start semi-dieting three months ahead of time. Then tighten your diet up each week. Do not workout the last two or three days before a show. Pose only.

Between posing try and put your feet up to reduce the edema (excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissue spaces). Also watch the sodium. Take in none during the last days. Sodium (salt) retains water. Get plenty of sun and maybe a natural diuretic (health food store, not your local pusher).

Above all, remember that dieting for maximum cuts is a long term process of gradual food reduction. Pinch your skin below the navel on a daily basis to check progress.

Learn from your body’s reaction to food and exercise so that with practise you will be able to time your peak perfectly.

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