How To Get Your Muscles Eating Every Little Hidden Fat Deposit You’ve Got

We’ve each got all these different muscle fibers … some alert, some attentive, some down-right lazy. It’s kind of like a class room full of kids. You’ve got some raring to go, front row, kids who want to learn … take notes, all that kind of stuff.

Then you’ve got the “drag in, plunk themselves down on the back row kind”. Just barely there. Never really with the program. Your goal as the teacher (cheer leader) is to get everybody as involved as the front row guys. Once you do this … man … you’ve got energy and power. Now you’ve got more than just the front row pitching in. You’ve got everybody going for it. You’ll get the room consuming so much energy, each muscle fiber will be digging into their lunch boxes. They’ll consume every little fat deposit you’ve got hidden …

How do you do this?

“Start each exercise way down at the bottom. Look for ways to get lower.”

First, you’ve got to eliminate momentum from your exercises. This is where the back row, guys are hiding.

Start each rep … by stretching way down … to the bottom of the movement. In fact, you should purposely look for “new bottoms”. Find muscle fibers that have been coasting … hiding out … never been worked.

Then once you find ’em, slowly, caress them with electrical impulses as you pass through their midst. Yeah, there will be sparks and quivering as muscle fibers bang into each other trying to get in cadence but they will love the stimulus, because … for the first time … they are fulfilling the measure of their creation.

As you pass through the “front row” cells … the ones that normally do all the work … don’t forget ’em just because you’ve found some “lost sheep”.
Encourage these front row guys! I mean, really cheer them on. As the weight passes to them send out mental energy … something like, “Come on guys, go for it. Show everybody else how it’s done. You can do it. That’s it. Great.”

Next you come to the other group of back row fibers … the ones that never really get to … contract … flex … tense … the way they could.

But that was before … now you’re going for the whole class. You’re going to show every single muscle cell how important they are.

So … at the top of the exercise … flex those little devils like you’ve never flexed em before. Squeeze those hummers to life. Mentally crank up the voltage in your nervous system so it arcs across the floor through the air into every single bored, lazy, ignored muscle fiber you’ve got.

Perhaps for the first time in your life and theirs, you’ve actually done a “complete rep”. You’ve got everyone’s attention. Waiting to see what you’re going to do next. Do you think they are going to listen?

“At the top, flex for all your worth. Give it everything you’ve got.”

Get real …

Your muscle fibers want nothing more, than to hear from you. They love it … Just like the kid on the back row loves it when the teacher shows him personal attention.

Imagine the excitement! Every muscle fiber and … every nerve synapse gets to hear from the master! A message from the king! Isn’t that’s what we all want? Boy that’s cause for celebration. No wonder the back row guys become “standing on desk, stomping feet, front row guys”. Is it any wonder your training takes on a whole new perspective?

It’s no longer just … you … pumping and pushing weights, sneaking glances in the mirror every now and then to see what’s happening. This is a whole new method of training. It’s a combined effort between you, your nervous system, your internal organs and your muscle fibers. For the first time you feel everybody working as a team.

“Each Exercise Has A “Blade Zone”

It’s the area of each exercise where the intensity screams off the scale. This is where we need to slow … way down.

You’ll know the “blade zone” when you feel it. It’s the part of the exercise where it gets tough, hard to do etc.

Let me give you an example so you’ll know what I’m talking about. Let’s suppose you are doing standing barbell curls. The very low part isn’t too hard and the very top part isn’t too hard but … that middle part … (the Blade Zone Part) Don’t whiz through it. In fact, as I said before. This is the part where all the goodies are hidden. So slow down and “Mine The Gold”.

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